Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Surfing the Bleed Interview

I wanted to take a second to welcome any new readers I might have received from the word of mouth surrounding the Phil Hester interview I just did. When I started Surfing the Bleed earlier this year it was in an effort to document my journey into comics and to hopefully create a resource for other new creators trying to break in. While I occasionally write opinion pieces, give my pull list or throw down a review, the main focus of the blog has shifted toward interviewing creators (both green and veteran) about their experience in the comics industry. I do what I can to promote the blog, but the best promotion is still word of mouth. So if you're a comics creator and you want to set up an interview, just contact me through the e-mail I have linked at the right of the blog. If you're a fan and you really dig what I'm trying to do here, then please tell other comics fans about the site, get them here, and lets all have a good time loving (and making) comics together.

Thanks sincerely for all the support and welcome to all the new fans.

If you want to check out any of the previous interviews I've done, just click the "interviews" tag in the cloud on the right.

Now somebody call Jenny Sparks and lets all go surf the bleed.

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