Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Response

In response to fellow comics blogger and geek ingenue Jill Pantozzi's latest article, a Geek Girl's Guide to Getting Girls, I give you this.

A Guy's Guide to Getting Girls

1. Be a man.

Regardless of what this article may lead you to believe, girls don't require that you like everything that they like and act exactly how they act. My wife, a beautiful, talented "geek girl" doesn't give a damn if I go shopping with her, doesn't make me watch "chick flicks" and would probably lose her mind if I lit a bunch of scented candles around the house. She just wants me to be myself, to be strong, to remind her how incredible I think she is and to occasionally geek out with her about things we find mutually appealing.

You don't have to be exactly like your girlfriend, you don't have to spend every minute with her or like ALL the things she likes. If she's attracted to men, then I'm guessing she wants you to act like one. Does that mean you can't enjoy the occasional rom com or show genuine interest in the things she's interested in? Quite the contrary. But by all means, don't follow some list of guidelines intended, I suppose, to make you more palpable by making you more like she is.

Be respectful, be yourself, be a man...and, if you can, learn to dance. That generally impresses most ladies.

All this said, I tend to agree with Jill about most things and I recognize that this is an article meant to be taken with a general lack of sincerity, but it got my ire up nonetheless.


  1. Nothing wrong with a little ire. :)

  2. I very rarely get comments so I'm always pleasantly surprised when they pop up. I have to say I didn't expect the blogger in question to pay me a visit though.

    I know the article was meant to be fun and interpreted as such, but I still felt it necessitated a rebuttal.

    I hope you didn't take it personally because I think you're damn awesome.

  3. Aw, thanks Brett. No worries, I absolutely did not take it personally. I was writing for humor but I can understand how the concepts could spark more serious conversations. :)

  4. Awesome. Do you know which cons you're going to hit this year? I'm hoping to hang out with a number of my internet pals this season.