Thursday, March 4, 2010

I gotta say it was a good day.

Two days ago I e-mailed to my editor the initial proposal for a series of young adult novels I'm pitching to the licensed publishing division of DC Comics. I'm not going to discuss the project for fear that I'll jinx it, nor do I want what I'm about to tell you to let your hopes soar to high, but the initial reaction to the pitch was very positive.

The editor's response was one of genuine excitement and he made me a promise he'd try as hard as he could to find a home for the series. The next step (and this is what excites me beyond belief) is showing the pitch around the offices there at DC to get some feedback and ultimately determine the best possible home for the story. Then, from there, we tweak tweak tweak and persist persist persist in the hopes of convincing a publisher to carry it.

This is by no means a promise of work, but it is a very good first step down that path. So keep your fingers crossed, say your prayers, ask Superman for help, whatever it is you do. And thanks for all the support up to this point. You guys are great.

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  1. Outstanding! Here's hoping this goes the way you want it.