Saturday, January 16, 2010

What I'm Working On

Hello fearless readers. Just here to give you an update on the different things I'm working on right now. I got that position with Broken Frontier so you'll see a lot of links to content over there here at the blog pretty soon. I'll be blogging for them as well as doing spot interviews with creators and other industry types about breaking news in the comic world. Fear not, for Surfing the Bleed will continue with the same mission statement as always. I'll still be doing some reviews, talking to creators about breaking in, and throwing the occasional rant in as well.

My first assignment for Broken Frontier was an interview with Emerald City Comic-Con organizer Jim Demonakos. I enjoyed coming up with the questions for Jim, though I must admit to an ulterior motive. Some of the questions were definitely aimed at getting to the heart of what it takes to build a successful con, partially because I'm quite interested in doing the very same thing here in Nashville. Think what you will, but we actually have a good comic culture in and around the city and the relative proximity of Nashville to other major Eastern and Midwestern cities makes it an ideal location for a comic convention. We have a small convention each year, but really it's just an excuse for Eric Powell to go sign some autographs. It's not going to draw anyone from out of town.

I've got a couple of irons in the fire as far as my projects are concerned as well. Over the past two weeks I have met two possible collaborators who are very enthusiastic about the prospect of working with me. I've tasked one with coming up with character designs for the Wendigo project which I hope to someday pitch to BOOM! and the other with Aces Wild, my pulp adventure send-up. Neither one of them has worked in comics before but they are both talented illustrators with a love of the medium, so hopefully with the right guidance things will work out swimmingly.

I have to say I'm extremely excited about the prospect of working on Aces. It's the project I've been sitting on the longest and one that's very dear to my heart. It's one of the only good things to come out of a pretty toxic relationship from my past and I'm glad to be working on it again. If you've read the blog you also know that I'm a huge fan of the old pulp stories and to be adding my own take to that rich tapestry is very exciting. I hope that it works out.

In other news, I had another phone conversation with a certain editor at DC about a set of young adult novels I'm pitching to their licensed publishing division. Given that things are extremely tentative right now and are still in their infancy, I'd rather not go into any more detail. Just know that this guy is in my corner and may be the nicest man in the entire comics industry, which is saying a lot. If we can get it done we will.

As I said in my previous post, you can also expect some new interviews in the new year, including cartoonist extraordinaire Danielle Corsetto and Agents of Atlas writer Jeff Parker.

Currently I'm working on fleshing out the history of my superhero world so I'm going to get back to that. I hope all of your projects and your lives are going well so far in the new year!

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