Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I'm Back!

As those of you who follow me on Twitter or Facebook probably know by now, my crappy old laptop finally kicked the bucket. Luckily I had the only stuff on it of importance backed up, so I didn't lose too much. I have a nice, new laptop with the ever-so-streamlined joy that is Windows 7 and I'm back on the creative horse.

The other reason I've remained absent of late is my attempt to get used to my new schedule. I've started working again, as a barback and door guy, at a bar here in the neighborhood. I like the job, but the overnight schedule has taken some getting used to. Couple that with the fact that I had to cover a bunch of extra shifts so the other barback could go home to Cali for the holidays and you have a recipe for creative ennui.

But fear not reader, as I have some exciting new prospects lined up for the new year. I'm on the brink of accepting a job doing interviews and feature writing for an up and coming comics site, I've got upcoming interviews with the Agents of Atlas and Thunderbolts writer Jeff Parker, cartoonist Danielle Corsetto, lead singer of Art Brut Eddie Argos and a special guest that I'm not entirely at liberty to talk about yet.

On top of that I'm working on a couple of pitches, one of which involves an editor who is the nicest man in comics and a story centered around the lost years of my favorite character of all time.

2009 was a heck of a year for me. I made great strides in my career, I found a job that I like, I got married. Here's to 2010 being the next great step forward. Happy New Year!

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