Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pull List

Here's my pull list for this week. I will post some reviews from the past couple of weeks tomorrow.

Boom has some stuff hitting tomorrow that is definitely worth a look.

Incredibles #0 - This is a recap of the series so far and should make for a nice kick-off to the new ongoing Incredibles book by Mark Waid. Seriously, if you're not reading this it's time to start. It's good fun for comic book fans of all ages.

28 Days Later #1 - A bridge between the two movies, this is an ongoing series by Fall of Cthulhu scribe Michael Alan Nelson. Could be fun.

Muppet Show TPB - I haven't had a chance to check this out yet but I'm hearing great things about it. The Boom Disney move has thus far resulted in some great kids books and this appears to be the pick of the litter. For just $9.99, it sounds like a good time to jump on.

Jennifer's Body HC - I have to hype this book. While I'm not the biggest Megan Fox advocate, a world of talent worked on this book for Boom! Studios, including my friends Dean Trippe and Ming Doyle. Be sure and check it out!

From Marvel we have, well, about all we've come to expect from Marvel; one Jason Aaron book.

Ghost Rider: Trials and Tribulations TPB - A Spirit of Vengeance based on the Bandit and the Snowman? How are Jason Aaron and I not already best friends?

And now for the freaking motherlode; DC Comics.

Batman and Robin #3 - Dick and Damian finally take it to the Circus of Strange as DC's bold new take on the Caped Crusader continues.

Batman: Widening Gyre #1 - I go back and forth on Kevin Smith as a comics scribe, but a Bruce Wayne as Batman break from all the Blackest Night and Batman Reborn action should be a lot of fun.

Blackest Night: Titans #1 - The group that has arguably suffered the most death in the DCU since Geoff Johns's tenure there have to deal with the dead rising. Undead teen heroes looking for a brightly colored Ryan's buffet of power? Tomorrow will be another bad day for the DCU.

Flash: Rebirth #4 - The rebirth of the one hero whose death seemed to really stick continues. I keep reading, even though it's not making a ton of sense to me.

Detective Comics #856 - Rucka's Batwoman and Morrison's Batman all on the same day? This will be the best non-fantasy football related day of the month.

Gotham City Sirens #3 - This is the last chance Dini gets to sell me on this book that seems to be geared more at young boys just discovering breasts than fans of comic books. Catwoman has no business being in this book at all. Batman's gone, probably dead, and Selina Kyle's largest concern is babysitting Gotham's most volatile vixens? Give me a break.

Green Lantern #45 - Wow. DC is really putting the screws to us this week. Johns and Mahnke continue to drag us down into the Blackest Night, as the War of the Light heats up.

Superman #691 - I'm still enjoying the heck out of this book each month.

Wednesday Comics #8 - Over the last couple of weeks, the good stayed good and the bad got much better. Let's hope that trend continues with issue eight.

Scalped #31 - Jason Aaron's genius crime epic continues to build to a glorious conflagration. I tell you, this is the book (with the exception of the main Bat-titles) that I anticipate the most each month. Epic!

That's it for this week. I'll be back tomorrow with some new reviews.

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