Friday, April 10, 2009

Read 'em Don't weep, there's no need for weeping.

So, in case those of you out there in the beard-o-sphere were wondering what was on my reading list this week, here's a quick rundown. (Which I apparently know a lot more about than Jim Halpert, just sayin'.)

Green Lantern #39 - For those of you on teh webs hating on this because, "gah, it's still not Blackest Night? Ugh, how long do we have to wait?" Just take your Cheetoh's stained fingers from the keyboard and enjoy the ride, huh? Suspense is what good writers try to build in order to make a rich and engaging story. If you want nothing but surface, go read 300.

Ghost Rider #33: I know I'm a couple of weeks behind on this but egads what a book! Occasionally something comes along that you feel like was written right at you, and that was this book for me. I've been enjoying the hell out of Jason Aaron's run on GR, but with this issue Tony Moore took over and the art jumped a few hundred notches. At least in my opinion it did. But beyond that, Aaron gets deep into the Spirits of Vengeance mythology and deep into his own badass influences. Seriously, Jason Aaron and I must be best friends in some possible future. It's the only explanation for how similar our tastes are. There is a goddamned Bandit and Snowman Spirt of Vengeance team running down a vampire Buford T. Justice and son. Gah!

World of New Krypton #2: Talk about building to something! The Oans finally decide that it's time to dispatch Hal Jordan (don't ask about continuity, just don't) to this new planet that's just popped up in his sector. Meanwhile, Superman does some good ol' fashioned cattle wranglin' (so to speak) and things get a little Marxy with the Labor Guild. This issue ends on a great cliffhanger and it's in danger of becoming my favorite book in the whole New Krypton arc.

Superman #686: I know I'm behind on this too, but whatever. Yet another great book coming out of the New Krypton story-arc. I really like what's going on here and I love how Robinson, Rucka, and Gates are writing the Super Family. I subscribe to the "Grant (Morrison) and Geoff (Johns) know more about Supes than anyone" club, so I have pretty high standards. These guys continually meet them. I loved this issue because we got to see Superman tying up all his loose ends before he leaves for New Krypton. Seeing him set Mon-El up to act in his stead is awesome. I really like the team he's assembled to help him acclimate to his new life. Steel keeps an eye on him, Jimmy helps him decide what it really means to be Superman, and The Guardian sets him up with an awesome secret identity. The issue also leaves you with the slightest bit of dread that maybe Mon-El won't be as good at this as we hope, that possibly this power could go to his head? Hmmmm. I can't wait to see.

Wolverine: Weapon X #1: I have to agree with the general consensus around the net that this issue just felt too short. Aaron did manage to pack enough into the truncated space to get me seriously excited about what's to come. We all love Wolverine. He's one of the most recognizable icons of the Marvel Universe and the X-movies have done wonders for his cross media popularity. So it would be easy to make him a a tired collection of one-liners and silent action panels, but that's not Aaron's style. Wolverine is Jason Aaaron's style, and it shows in this book. The pencils are incredible too. Ron Garney is really flexing his artistic muscle on this book. Given Aaron's propensity for going over the top, I can't wait to see what he'll have Garney pencilling over the next four issues. If this had been a bit longer it would have been my favorite book of the week. As it stands, I want a little more. But that's what good stories do, they leave you wanting more.

I also read Batman: Battle for the Cowl #2. It was nice to finally see Dick Grayson accept his responsibility. I suppose I'd just hoped, as I'd fantasized about this moment since childhood, that a better writer would be the one helping Dick get there. This book just bores the hell out of me and I find the dialouge to be completely unrealistic. Nobody talks the way Tony Daniel has them talking. Anyway, it's almost over, and once it is we get Grant on a new Batman title and Rucka on Detective. What's that? Judd who? I assure you I have no idea what you're talking about.

I'm also catching up on the Alan Moore stuff I've neglected over the years. Mainly it's the America's Best Comics stuff, but I also got around to reading Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow. Great stuff. Can't believe it's taken me this long to read it. This week I finished Tom Strong Book 1 and Top 10 Book 2. Both were excellent, as is to be expected.

That's it for today. Keep reading and having a good time!

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