Monday, April 20, 2009

Batman Interlude

I've been hanging out with my buddy Dean nearly every Tuesday for the last few weeks. This past week was our most productive Tuesday yet, as I bounced ideas for my beloved creator-owned superhero project off of him (to much success) and vice versa. Our conversation turned, as it inevitably does, to Batman. In the process of our conversation we came up with an idea that we both thought would make an intriguing one-shot Batman story. Last night I was discussing this with one of the new friends I've made at Dr. Sketchy's and he suggested I write a script for it as he had a friend who loves to draw Batman that wanted some practice on his sequentials. Thinking I could use as much practice on scripting as this guy probably could on sequentials, I agreed. So here's where you come in gentle readers.

I want you to pool your collective Gotham City knowledge and come up with a good villain for me to use in this one-shot. Without giving the entire story away, it involves a climax where Batman is rescued by someone who had been rescued by Batman in his childhood. A villain has somehow managed to get the drop on our fearless Caped Crusader and this boy from his past, now a man, has to help him out. Why? Well, you'll just have to wait and see won't you?

I don't want the Joker, Penguin, Two-Face, etc. Dig deep friends, get into the darker corners of this famous burg, and give me someone truly obscure and truly awesome to pit against the Dark Knight. And don't hesitate to send me some silly ideas as well.

Need a little inspiration? Check this out.

And in case any DC lawyers are trolling the internet looking for people to sue, don't worry. I'm not planning on publishing, selling, or otherwise infringing your copyright. This is just an exercise. If I'm going to be the best Batman writer since Morrison, you'll need me to practice.


  1. Bronze Tiger, Firefly, or the Monk.

  2. Thank you for at least participating. Bronze Tiger's a bit too big time for this, Firefly is actually popping up (or is about to) in current continuity a lot, and the Monk...well, the Monk is something I'm saving for my crazy huge ground breaking ohmygoddidthatjustfreakinhappen? Batman story.

    I went with a nobody from the 40s named Slits Danton.

  3. My Batman knowledge isn't extensive enough for Slits Danton...