Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mutants & Masterminds

When I was in high school, some friends of mine and I played a role-playing game called 3001. They had come up with the setting themselves a couple years before I met them. 3001 was a sort of post-apocalyptic, almost William Gibson-esque superhero world populated with resistance fighters and draconic super-powered overlords. My buddies had populated the world with many different characters but not a lot of thought went into the background of the world itself. Well, high school ended and slowly we went our separate ways, but 3001 stuck around my head for a while. I always tried to figure out why the world became what it was, how it got there, what events led them to that place and time. Over the years I constructed a solid timeline for the setting and even toyed with the idea of pitching it as a comic someday. Over the years my interest in it waned, but I never forgot about that world.

I'm older now, with an all new group of nerd buddies. Of late they've all been clamoring to do some table top roleplaying and, given that I occasionally masquerade as a writer, they've pushed me to come up with something for them to play. On a recent trip to a local used bookstore I found a copy of the original sourcebook for Green Ronin's Mutants & Masterminds. Remembering that I had owned the book once before during my heavy RPG days, I decided to pick it up and re-familiarize myself with the system. To my surprise, M & M is the best-selling superhero RPG ever and they're still publishing material for it today. So I picked up some of the supplemental stuff for a good price and have decided to run a game.

The campaign setting? Well, that's obvious, right?

Do any of my readers still RP? If so, do you have any Mutants & Masterminds tips and pointers? Anybody out there playing a game right now?

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  1. "Whatever you need to set up a pitching contest, SET THAT SHIT UP!"