Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Return

I have been gone for a while. I hope that this hiatus hasn't quelled your interest in my blog. I've been adjusting to a new schedule at work (I now work five nights a week, and in my business that's a lot of exhausting work), and a flooded city. Luckily, the Nashville Floods didn't touch me directly, but they did affect quite a few of my friends. We still need help, money and donations of every sort, so if you live in the Middle Tennessee area, give time, food, etc. If you're out of the area and want to help out, you can donate to Hands On Nashville or the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. I ask that you do not donate to the Red Cross simply because the Red Cross puts all that money into a pool and there is no guarantee that it will get to flood victims here in Tennessee. Not that I am opposed to helping people everywhere people need help (I wouldn't be much of a superhero fan if I was), but if you want to specifically help the greater Nashville area, then use one of the links above.

There has been a lot of self-reflection and a lot of time wasted on trying to catch up on sleep lately, so my mind has been pretty far out of the game. But I'm redoubling my efforts and getting back to work. I've also got a couple of projects on the horizon that I'm very excited about, one of which is destined for publication if I can just stay diligent and do the work. But it's a life-consuming sort of thing, so I have to be willing to commit a lot of time and effort to it.

But that's what this is going to be about from here on out. Commitment. That's the word going forward. Commitment to this medium, to this blog, to this career. I'm driven, but moving forward you'll see me add a great deal more focus to that drive.


So get ready fans. This year, we are going to seriously surf the bleed.

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