Monday, April 12, 2010

Comic Twart

Sure, the name sounds dirty, but Comic Twart may be the coolest thing happening in comics social networking right now. Originally started as a way for a few comics artists following one another on Twitter to share their artwork, it has become a weekly must-visit for anyone who enjoys comics and cartooning.

G.I. Robot by Evan Shaner

Featuring the artwork of veterans and talented newcomers alike, the Comic Twart blog is a sight to behold. Each week, a member of the collective picks a character from the long history of comics and each member puts their own spin on that character. The posts are collected in one easy to locate blog (seriously, what else are you going to find on Google when you search for "twart?" Actually, don't answer that.) that is chocked full of awesome.

Clara de Noche by Chris Samnee

Some of the characters the Twarters have already tackled include Zorro, Hawkman, Dan Dare, & Clara de Noche.

The Rocketeer by Mitch Breitweiser

Most of the contributors already have fairly steady jobs in the field, but a few diamonds in the rough (like newcomer and friend of this blog Evan Shaner) are waiting to be plucked. Equal parts drawing group, portfolio review and professional audition, Comic Twart is a must for the blogroll of every serious comic fan on the net.

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